Tablo live cuts in and out. Wont record shows

After maybe 5 to 6 years or so my tablo recently stopped playing live TV consistently or recording shows. When I plug the antenna cable into the tv the live feed is perfect. I’ve reset my tablo, my roku, my router, my modem. I’ve unlinked tablo from devices and reconnected. I’ve ran a new chanel scan. I’ve refreshed. Nothing is working. All other streaming apps work on the roku devices. The tablo is hardwired to the router. Nothing with the setup has changed in 2 years.

Often suggested:
Power supply going bad
Drive issues / USB cable

One trouble-shooting tip, disconnect the drive and try live TV. If all is well, this points to the drive (or maybe just cable). If issues continues, (doesn’t completely confirm drive ok) look elsewhere like power supply.


Unplugging the hard drive just gives the message " playback failed. No storage device available or accessible. " when trying to view live tv channels.

I know the 2nd generation tablos (Dual/Dual Lite,etc) play live TV with out the drive. I recall someone pointing out they all do (it’s the newer ones allowing for multiple channels)

Others may elaborate, you may need to contact support to confirm out how bad things are.
…or how easy it’ll be to get it up and running.

Previously you could at least play TV, just not consistently? So it may not be not dead.

It’s now saying the antenna signal is too weak. I’ll get up in the attic and on the roof and check the cable and connection at the antenna sometime soon. Doesn’t make sense because the tv is also plugged into the antenna and has no problem with any of the channels available on tablo, plus it has hundreds of more channels the tablo isn’t getting.

When doing this test I always pulled power from the Tablo, then disconnected the drive and restarted. I assume you did the same.