Tablo lite needs reset

My mother has the Tablo lite and was letting me know that every once in awhile it cuts out and has to be reset. I am wondering if this device has a small cache or small buffer unlike the streaming services, will usually continue to play 10 to 15 seconds after unplugging the internet. My thinking is that if there is a 2-4 second disruption from the internet feed, that if this device has a small cache it will be noticeable and it doesn’t seem to be resetting itself after regaining internet signal. The streaming services generally are not affected by a small cut out or should I say not really noticeable. I am not sure if I am on the right path here, but if anyone has any suggestions or knowledge of why this is happening please let me know! I also have one complaint with this device, when first starting it up to access the menu, the buffer wheel takes anywhere from 6 to 8 seconds before the menu starts up. I’m running at 232 Mbps, and I would think that would be plenty fast for the menu to pull up a lot quicker than it is. Perhaps I just need faster internet service or the Tablo lite doesn’t operate as quickly as the regular Tablo 2 or 4. I’m pretty sure there is no way to make it quicker, however if once again you have any ideas or knowledge I would like to know! Would adding a hard drive to my device for the purpose of setting up TV recording, increase performance or alleviate the cutouts?

The Tablo Lite works just as well as any other Tablo. There is no difference in the processing power among any of the network Tablos.

Your speed to the internet has nothing to do with how a Tablo performs (with the exception of using the remote Tablo Connect feature). What matters is your internal network speeds, though it sounds like those are ok.

Do you not have a hard drive attached to the Tablo? That is a required component, so please add one if you don’t have it already. Also, what devices are you using for your Tablo (Roku, phone, computer, AppleTv, etc)?

You allude to almost regularly loosing “the internet” briefly, while streaming services continue for seconds. Can you differentiate your wireless network from internet connectivity? The additional seconds likely come from which ever device you’re using not so much a particular service.

Which device are you using to with the Tablo Lite? Are any devices using a wired connection?