Tablo Lite Connectivity Issue - stuck on "Connecting..."

After replacing external drive my Tablo Dual Lite partially lost connectivity to Chrome and Edge. Support advised to use a browser in incognito mode. This workaround helped and now I can connect to my Tablo with Firefox in Incognito mode. All other browsers do not work no matter what mode I use.
Is this something unique to my Tablo only? I did not risk to try factory reset because they have many warnings not to do this. Knowing how poorly they troubleshoot other issues I assume that after a factory reset Tablo may die forever. Does anybody else have such problem, both Chrome and Edge show “Connecting…” and never connect?

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There have been posts about issues with Chromium based browsers being unable to connect to Tablo’s for several months now.

IMHO Tablo is using some outdated networking libraries and the browsers requiring most recent security updates cannot load the pages generated by Tablo. Also this could be an Apple style trick to force owners of discontinued Tablos to buy newer versions.

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Not likely since the 4th gen Tablo doesn’t support access via browser.


I was seriously considering an upgrade, it’s a shock :frowning: