Tablo Keeps Turing Off

Seems like every day for the past 3 days or so my tablo keeps turning off. We’ll turn on the roku and get the “no tablos found” message, then, when I go into the room where the tablo is located I discover that the tablo appears off (no blue light visible on front). I’ll unplug it and plug it back in, and it’ll work fine.

Then, the following day, I get to repeat the process all over again. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone aware of any recent changes that may be related?

Is your Tablo in a well ventilaed area?

Try turning it on its side vertically to increase surface area for cooling.

My Tablo 2-tuner has been doing the sma to I can;t get Tablo to connect after unplugging it and plugging it back in, sometimes I had to reboot router thats not working this time not very happy

Just checked Tablo it connected says updating guide, but It’s working

My Tablo was acting up for a long time and I noticed it was getting very hot. I purchased one of these USB fans to place underneath it. Haven’t had any issues since adding this fan.

Interesting, thanks. Did you plug it into the Tablo’s USB port?