TABLO keeps restarting

When watching the Tablo through my Roku’s (Roku 3’s & 4) it will drop and go to a “loading” screen and then start playing again from about 20 seconds prior to when it dropped. It does this randomly but maybe every 10 minutes or so, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer. It does this on recorded shows and also live tv on all my Roku’s (5). All my Roku’s are hardwired. At first it was just a minor annoyance, now its very noticeable.

Every single recording we watch does this since the Roku 7 and Tablo 2.2.8 updates. Once per show, every show.

As much as I firmly believe that this is a Tablo problem specific to the Roku, if the Tablo is important to you, and you just want all the headaches to end, get an AndroidTV device. The shield is the best all-around performance you’re going to get. Trying to use a Roku of any version really may well be an endlessly fruitless endeavor. I wish Tablo would just drop it from their list of supported devices, because the two don’t pair well for many, many people.

The only downside to using AndroidTV is that Amazon Prime Video is not supported. But, it looks like Amazon and Google are about to work that out. If you don’t object to spending some money to make all these problems go away forever, and get way better performance, you can’t beat the shield.

I’ve used Apple TV newest and previous 2 generations, Roku 4, Roku 3, Roku 2, and Roku 2SX, Fire TV, various sticks and whatnot… and without a doubt, the Shield (and to a lesser extent, the Nexxus Player) simply blows all of these devices out of the water - and I’m not an Android person.