Tablo Keeps Disconnecting and Won't Reconnect

Daily my Tablo keeps disconnecting, and I can’t reconnect to it from any device (Roku 3 or Android). It doesn’t even show up when I try searching for it. This started a week ago, and up until then it’s worked flawlessly.

Anyone else have this sudden-onset issue?

Yes. I’m having this same problem. I just purchased my Tablo but this problem has made it virtually useless. I have to unplug and plug it in repeatedly to get it to connect.

I’ll try setting a static IP but if that doesn’t work I’lI just send it back and look for another solution besides the Tablo. A product shouldn’t be this difficult to set up. Very disappointing.

Hey guys, sorry for the wait! If you’re still having issues, touch base with our support team directly and we can take a look.