Tablo Keeps Buffering

I have a 4 tuner Tablo I got a year ago and with a lifetime subscription. I planned to cancel Dish when I got and they offered me a price of 13.50 a month, so I never used my Tablo. So fast forward a year later and I’m losing the special Dish price and have canceled my service. So I’m trying to get the Tablo working and it looks great, but I keep getting buffering errors. When I play a live show it buffers for about 20 seconds before it starts. When I play a recorded show it buffers to start and seems to buffer every 10 min or so. Everything is hard wired on a gig switch. Other devices on the switch stream 4K fine without any buffering. I can’t picture this being a network issue. I do have the 1080 setting at 10mbs selected with Tablo and see 720 is the recommended setting. Also if I have a recorded show playing and then try to start another show on my ipad (wireless connection) both devices seem to freeze and wont play. I submitted a ticket to Tablo a few days ago and never got a response! Anyone advice on how to fix this? About ready to sell this and get a Tivo! Anyone want to buy a Tablo with a lifetime subscription cheap:-)

Hey @Chadman - Can you PM us which email address you sent us a ticket from? I don’t see any tickets from the address you used to register for the forum.

Regardless, we’ll get this fixed up for you.

Some buffering for Live TV is expected as we need to begin transcoding that data before the stream can begin, but you shouldn’t be seeing a lot of buffering on playback or freezing. It could be an issue with the video coming through or it could be something funky with your network that you might not be aware of.

Thanks! I don’t see an option to PM. I have tried to call a couple times and get voicemail.


Just click on TabloTV (the name), and a pop up box will appear. Click “Message”, and that will do the trick.

Yep - what Snowcat said… :slightly_smiling:

And if you do ever get our voice mail, make sure to leave a message with as much info as possible and we’ll call you right back.

Got it! Just sent a message.


Just replied! No ticket from that address so something must have gone wrong. Pop us another note using the form and we’ll get to it ASAP.

I seem to have things working now. I replaced my 2TB Hitachi device with a Seagate 5TB. Things are working great and the buffering has stopped. I’m sure I understand why the Hitachi drive did not work. The drive seems to function fine on my computer.

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@Chadman - Sometimes drives work great for storing random files and pictures but just aren’t robust enough to save/retrieve video files as fast as Tablo needs them to.

Glad you’re all sorted out!

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