Tablo Jammed up after firmware upgrade

I am using Tablo with a Roku 3 box. Just did the Firmware upgrade and when finished it took me to a screen that says “Discover Live TV & DVR Shows…” and that’s it. I can’t get out of this screen. I rebooted both the Tablo and the Roku box and that screen still comes back. What’s interesting is that Tablo is fine on my Roku TV and my PC.

Any thoughts?


That screen displays when the Roku Tablo app can’t find the Tablo.
There’s a problem with either the Tablo, or networking.

There’s a search for Tablos button on that screen.
Did you click on it?
If you did, and still can’t find the Tablo…

Is your Tablo connected to your network via network cable, or WiFi?

Also, try rebooting your router, as this occassionally fixes these types of problems.

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I agree - try rebooting your router.

Radojevic - Bingo! that was it. Router reboot fixed it. Seems odd though that my other two systems were not effected. In any case… we’re back up and running.

Thanks for the tip.


Now go to Malnati’s, or Giordano’s to celebrate. :slight_smile:

Try rebooting your router, especially if you have not set up permanent IP addr. reservations for your Tablo and viewing devices. I’ve had similar issues and since setting up the address table, things have been virtually rock solid.