Tablo is regularly missing recordings that start at 7PM

We’re seeing a strange problem with Tablo recordings that start at 7PM on our local CBS affiliate. The recordings list will show that something is recorded (e.g., shows the number of unwatched episodes in the upper left corner. However when we attempt to watch the program, it says nothing is recorded. This problem seems to have started when the upgrade to allow programs to start earlier than the scheduled start time. Before that feature was added, the recordings seemed to work reliably, but we would miss the first few minutes of the program. Oddly enough, it doesn’t happen every time, but it is regular enough that we’ve missed several episodes of some of our favorite programs. Programs scheduled to start at 7:30, 8:00, etc., record just fine–even when scheduled to start a few minutes early.

We really don’t want to pay for CBS “All Access” which is one the reasons we got the Tablo. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with this update?

I would schedule a manual recording at 7pm as a test… try to narrow down the problem.

You can also have this manual recording at 7pm ongoing to temporarily solve the problem.


This is a known problem. The recordings are there, you just can’t access them!
Not everyone is experiencing this but I did. The recordings tab showed x number of recordings for a program available but when you click on the program tile it showed no episodes. The number of recordings would increment as new recordings were made but I couldn’t see them.

Open a ticket with support and they can fix this.

As noted above, this is currently a known issue. Give us a shout and we’ll get this fixed up.

The new firmware update 2.2.20 seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks.