Tablo is not connecting to a new router

I just had AT&T upgrade my router. As a result, I got a new wifi network & password.
My Table was working fine on the old wifi network & now I can’t connect to it.

I’m assuming your Tablo is not hard wired to you router? You have it connected via WiFi?

Yes, I am trying to connect it via WIFI.

Here’s some of my router info:
Security type: WPA2-Personal

Is your old router still operational aka turned on?

If it is gone, then you will need to setup your Tablo like it’s brand new out of the box, see the video below on how to do that:

Thanks for your help. I will watch this & give it a try.

Hope this went alright! You can give us a shout directly if you have any questions. We’re reachable over the phone at: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).

The key is that your Tablo cannot still be connected to the old WiFi network, that is why I asked this question.