Tablo is boycotting 5 stations - why

The facts:
I have 3 ways I get my TV stations:
1st is with Tablo
2nd is direct connect to antenna
3rd is with Roku TV direct to antenna (which also has Tablo App)
I bought a channel master amp to help and it did.
But I have 5 channel stations that show week or no signal on my Tablo app. But my Roku TV antenna gets them and so does my other TV that is direct to the antenna. The TV antenna shows 4 out of 5 bars. The pictures are perfect but for some reason they wont show up once connected to the tablo. I even ran down and bought an HDhome run and those stations worked too. I took the HDhomerun back because I look the look and feel of the Tablo better.
So how can I override Tablo to show these stations?
Is possibly a bad unit?
What can I do?

Power bars don’t always mean the signal is reliable. They don’t reflect the sound to noise ratio.

You could go to and check it’s results.

  1. They antenna may not be optimally position. Check the tvfool’s report for azimuth, NM(db), and distance results for various channels.

  2. may need a better antenna.

the tablo also has a 2 or 4 way splitter on the signal you feed it (depending on if you have a 2 or 4 tablo) the signal may be good enough for the tv or the roku, but not strong enough to be split internally by the tablo…

I think you are correct that the tuner in the unit is sub par and not strong enough. I will buy a on unit 2 tuner and see what happens. Do you want me to update?

Of one thing we can be certain: Tablo is absolutely not “boycotting” any stations, in this world, under any circumstances, no matter what, whatsoever.

If there are stations not showing or translating through on the Tablo that are visible on a native TV tuner, Tivo, etc. it is due to some reason (any) reason OTHER THAN a “boycott”. What the HECK would be the reason or purpose for Tablo?

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I believe the original 2 tuner TAblo has a four way splittter inside, same as the 4 tuner Tablo. The Tablo Dual and the Tablo Dual Lite have a two way splitter. So if you want to get a stronger signal, you probably need to buy the newer Tablo.