Tablo Interface

Maybe this has been discussed in length, but I don’t understand why the user interface (specifically for Android TV) is soooo slow. Does anyone know how the guide works? Is it hosted locally in the storage of the Nexus Player or is it hosted from the Tablo? It feels like the guide and interface should all be local to the Nexus Player and the only time the information is pulled from the Tablo is when you either click to watch Live TV or a Recording. It’s like each click of the remote updates the interface from the Tablo.

I’m loving Tablo so far and it’s potential. I just don’t understand why interface is so slow compared to say the speed of the native Android App.

I’m assuming the only Android TV app you’re using is the Nexus Player?

The NP is WiFi only right? Are you using Wireless N? If so it is the 2.4 GHz band or 5 GHz band? How far is your NP from your router? Might be a poor signal resulting in slow speeds issue.