TABLO_INIT Network Only

My Tablo 4 Tuner stopped working awhile back. And I’m trying to factory reset. Have hit the reset button (aka held down 7 seconds). When it powers up now, the light blinks blue I think once a second and it kicks off a WiFI network Tablo_INIT but never goes to Tablo_XXXX (XXXX being like last 4 of serial number). So, app can’t ever do it’s thing. What to do? Thanks.

Order a new power supply. Minimum expense with good potential benefits.

Tablo_XXXX is just an example of what the Tablo Wi-Fi network will look like while it’s in Wi-Fi setup mode. The actual Wi-Fi network will look different. The last 4 digits are unique, so what you’re seeing is normal.

From here, follow one of the Wi-Fi setup guides.

No, the Tablo only ever put out the network Tablo_Init. It never kicked over to Tablo_ (what I meant by Tablo_XXXX) so it wasn’t normal. Support had me hold down the reset button as I powered on to reload firmware. This fixed it fyi. Thanks.