Tablo Inaccessible

My Tablo is up-to-date. Ever since the last update, I’ve experienced oddness. My Tablo will go into an inaccessible state where the LAN port will be blinking a rapid green, there will be no amber light, and the reset button cannot be used to restart the device. I’ve been working with support, and they don’t see anything after looking at it remotely. I’ve reopened my case. Everything else on my network is working fine, the Tablo is well ventilated, I have a WD 2TB Passport hooked up to it and it’s okay most of the time, despite the slight oddity now and again with video playback.

Anyone else seen these symptoms? It locks up at least once a week.

@shadownetworks The reset button and the lack of an amber light are particularly odd. Can you PM me your ticket #? I’ll take a look :smile:

I have no idea how to PM on this platform, lol

Click on TabloSupport name and hit message

That’s what I thought, but I’m not seeing “message” anywhere :frowning:

When I click on your name

You see the message button??

Found the issue, I’m still a “new user”

It seems as though my issue has entered some sort of purgatory. No one has responded to my updates on my support ticket 4 days ago and no one has replied to my thread. I’ve been searching around for anyone with symptoms like mine to no avail. I’m lost as to what I can do. Good news is that it’s been running for about 4 days without needing to be powercycled. It’s especially difficult doing this with a Tablo that only has a wired connection. Anyone have any suggestions?

The LED on my Tablo is blue and it only blinks when it is shutting down or starting up. You must have a different model if the led on yours is green.

I think he is talking about the lights for the Ethernet port on the back of the Tablo. Not the blue light on the front.

Your issue is odd. Let Tablo Support look at it directly. Their support does not work on Sat or Sun so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, I thought that was odd but that explains it. I looked on the back of mine and there is a yellow light on all the time on one side of the ethernet wire and a green light that blinks on the other side of the wire. I don’t know what it means, but it’s working so it must be okay.

Okay, update for those interested. Highly probable it’s hardware. The guys are taking care of me. Only downside is that I have to rip all the media off the existing Tablo. :frowning: Although, Tablo Exporter works quite nice.

I can’t get anybody in support to help me @TabloSupport @TabloTV

I am having trouble with my tablo locking up & being non responsive

They were off today and offices closed.

not today…I have put in numerous tickets but have gotten little to no help…my tablo locks up daily & the only way to fix it temporarily is to unplug it & replug it back in

They are usually pretty responsive, I would ping them tomorrow when they are back

@mavsfan815 We haven’t heard from you in a while, did you send in a ticket under a different address? If the Tablo is locking up daily, we’ll be able to figure out what’s happening via a remote session. Send us a note if you haven’t already - we’ll get this fixed up.

yes I would like to a remote session to access my Tablo from the outside my network when away. a 2WIRE router is not able to get setup automatically and needs a manual setting. I could only get it to show one green check mark out of two.
I am perodically available. My email is set to exclusive so I must have missed yours. I will watch for a response tomorrow.
My smart phone will not receive spam so i will check often thank you. I use my Tablo often and in my network it works perfectly.