Tablo hardware failure?

Suddenly we are experiencing a number of strange issues with our Tablo. Specifically:

  1. Some channels that are nearby and show 5 green dots display a weak signal error. These are channels that we have been watching for several years via Tablo.
  2. Recording appears to work but no recording shows up. I’ve tested multiple working channels and a variety of programs.
  3. Pause-while-watching works but pausing always makes the playback jump to the beginning (when we started watching) when we resume

I have restarted. I have unplugged waited several minutes. I have rescanned the channels several time. I have the latest firmware. I have a Tablo Quad from 2017.


Tablo Quad wasn’t released until March 28, 2019

Maybe i’m not using the correct name but I assure you I purchased it in 2017 and it has 4 tuners. Either way, the problem is still very real.

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It sounds like you have the original Tablo 4-tuner. If you send our support team a ticket with the details above (along with your Tablo’s MAC address or serial number) our team can take a look and see what’s going on.

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