Tablo hardly works anymore

I have had my tablo for 1+ years now, it is a dual tuner lifetime subscription with a WD external HD connected. This entire config has not changed in over a year yet in the past few months, Everytime I try to connect and watch live TV it gives weak signal errors, unknown error errors, and reset almost every single time a click a channel for live viewing. When an auto recording is occurring, it reboots everytime before beginning the recording. I have become so frustrated with this price of hardware I am ready to smash it with a hammer. I know there are not any signal issues. I have a TV at the same location and when I move the coax from the tablo 5 inches to the TV input every channel comes in crystal clear, however the tablo rarely displays a third of the channels without a weak signal error and some never work. I am open to suggestions, however, I am not sure what I could be missing other than a hardware error. Thank you.

Submit a ticket to support. I’ve had my 2 tuner for longer… and it works just fine.

I suspect several firmware updates have been installed over the past year. If you haven’t tried it yet, perhaps a factory reset would mitigate your problems.

Prior to doing so, you might try a simple disconnect from the Tablo ( bottom choice on menu) then clear stored sync data in your media device, followed by a full resync.

I have found these actions necessary on my system in times past, and my system is working well today.

@sduvall Please send this along to our support team, along with your Tablo’s MAC address or serial number. We can use this to check its logs & see what’s causing this.