Tablo Hard Drive Question

For whatever reason I decided to get the 2 Tuner Tablo instead of the 4 Tuner Tablo. I am now in the process of switching them out.

Can I just unplug the USB Hard Drive and plug it into the new 4 Tuner Tablo or do I need to do anything special to not lose any of the shows that are currently saved?

Any help or advice is appreciated.

You have to open a ticket to Tablo support. They have a method of migrating your data from one Tablo to another, though from posts here, it doesn’t always work.

The database is stored on the Tablo itself, so it isn’t a simple move of the hard drive.

I do not have alot of shows recorded right now, if I wanted to skip the process of trying to save them could I just hook up the same USB hard drive and would there be an option to reformat for the new Tablo?

If you don’t have many shows and don’t mind losing a little disk space, you can connect your old hard drive to the new Tablo. It won’t reformat, but it will just ignore what is already on the drive. The drive then is immediately available for use.

You can also plug it into a computer and reformat it manually to wipe it clean. Then the Tablo will format it again like it is a new drive.