Tablo GUI is slow

Hi All, been using the Tablo for about 6mo now. Recently we are experiencing very slow loading of the guide and recordings from the main Tablo screen. Our HD is probably only 10% full. My wife timed it to be about 4min between selecting the “recordings” icon and when her shows actually showed up. We do not have the Tablo hardwired to our router, but this slowness appears to be only recently.

Which playback device(s) are you using?

Playback has been through a newer Roku 2 that is hard wired to router.

I have a new Roku 2 2015 and also notice hicups and slowness. I’m switching to a nexus player this weekend. There are two issues with the Roku

a. The remote on the Roku 2 is not wifi enabled its IR, try using your smartphone as a remote and you will notice a speed increase navigating the interface.

b. I’ve noticed the Roku isn’t a very stable platform, I’ve had it restart atleast once per week. It does slow down at times using Tablo and I just ahve to restart it to make it work again.

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Are you using the Original Tablo channel (aka Legacy channel) that is available in the Channel Store? Or are you using the New Tablo Preview channel that is a private channel and not available in the Channel Store?

Here is the link to add the Tablo Preview channel:

Right now we are still using the legacy channel

Try the Preview channel, see how it goes.

Which Roku do you have? aka what is the model number?

We bought new last summer. I believe it is model 4210RW