Tablo (Gen 4) randomly deleted the show I was watching


I was watching a recording of figure skating with my wife. She went to fast forward through a commercial and the Tablo had an issue where it said it couldn’t load stuff. It wouldn’t fast forward or play after that. I exited the Tablo app and reopened it to try to fix the problem. However when I went to play the recording again it was gone. It is nowhere to be found in my library. Just gone.

We are both very angry. I know Tablo is still working out some bugs, but you can’t be randomly deleting people’s shows!

If you open a ticket with them, they can look at the logs to see what happened.

You didn’t say if your storage space was full and you had the auto-delete option on.


Good point, forgot to mention that. Auto delete is on, but my storage was only about 50% full so that should not have been a problem.

And your storage was the built in flash, and the unit was about to start 1-2 recordings, and the recording deleted was the oldest recording in storage.