Tablo Gen 4 - playback is unwatchable

I have a Tablo Gen 4 with the unit hard wired (ethernet) to my modem. The dvr playback is unwatchable. It pixelates and freezes constantly. Watching live can be glitchy but is watchable. Not being able to use the dvr makes this unit useless. Channel signal strength is good – I can pull 92 channels with 75% of them being strong.

I want desperately for this to work. Any suggestions?

To me, at least a cursory guess, it does sound like interference (or other) causing reception issues.

While I haven’t experienced it (I’m too far away), maybe some of the reception problems you can get with weak reception can happen if the signal is “too strong”. I’m just used to the description you provided being an issue when you’re “farther away” from the towers (and clouds (or lack thereof), and weather, etc.).

Pixelation sounds like a reception issue.
Were you using an antenna before getting the Tablo? If it’s a new antenna install you must have patience to find the best position for it. This is assuming you have the right antenna for your location too.

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  1. Do you have strong reception where you are? Is the amplifier on? If it is try turning it off. That may improve things.

  2. Are you using the router included from your internet service provider? They are often sub par. When it comes to smart home devices you’d be surprised how often issues are the router and not the device.

I was not using an antenna before getting the Tablo. The towers are Southeast of my house and I have the flat window antenna that came with the 4th Gen facing South Southeast. I don’t have any windows facing exactly Southeast. I assumed that because the strength lights are all green (for the majority of the 92 channels) that its strong enough to not be glitchy.

Thanks for the reply.

  1. As far as I can tell its strong. I’m only saying that based on the fact that the lights are all green (for the majority of the 92 channels). Im also new to OTA TV tech. Newbie ques, do you know why turning off the amplifier may help?
  2. I actually have it hard wired to my Google wifi hub unit.

Thanks for the reply.

The flat antenna that comes with the Tablo is useless if you have weak signals.

I encountered the same thing with mine, and fixed it with a $30 amplified antenna from Amazon

As to your first question, depending on how far you are to the broadcast towers you could actually be over-driving the tuners. Turning off the built-in amplifier would tone that down if it’s indeed happening.

Thank you for the advice. Would you be able to share which model antenna you bought from Amazon?

I got this one:

Thank you

After realizing that it gets you free tickets in the box next to Taylor Swift along with curing cancer…

(humor about the description in Amazon)

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PS, with that Antenna, I set the ANTENNA to “Long Range” boost, and the Tablo Amplification OFF

I recently purchased (Jan 2024) a 4th gen Tablo and have plenty of issues with it. I have never had any issues using my motorized roof mounted digital antenna by it self. My Tablo picture breaks up/scrambles all of the time on all channels. Pic freezes while continuing to play the sound. Errors out with “Timed out waiting for video data”, “Unable to load live”, audio is way to far ahead of video. I spoke to their tech support multiple times. Today they told me these are known issues that should be resolved in 2 to 3 days, or by Jan 15, 2024. Yeah we’ll see. The wireless signal is why I bought this. I do like being able to send my roof mounted antenna signal to all my tvs. But what good is it if it’s not sending a good signal. I’ll let you know if it resolved soon.

A strong signal is never the problem.

Has amplification made any difference whether it was on or off?

I bought a better inside window style antenna and that helped with the live watching. Playback is still super buggy.

If it records. Mine has failed numerous times. My antenna is on my roof.