Tablo froze for the first time

On Friday, my Tablo 2-tuner froze up for the first time since I got it (about 3 months ago). By the time I noticed, it was a bit cooler than normal. To be fair, I don’t know how ‘frozen’ it was. I only know that it was unresponsive to all connection attempts.

If it happens again, I will probably call the support folks to have a look at the logs. I don’t suppose there is a way for me to look at the logs?

To “fix” things, I unplugged the Tablo, waited about 20 seconds, and plugged it back in. Everything seamed fine. I was missing one recording but the weather was bad so it may not have been related to the system halting.

Turn it on it’s side or look into a laptop fan. Also, make sure your signals are good and the antenna is the right direction.

A bad signal may cause a lockup. As could a hd failure.

Thanks. I’ve already got it suspended for improved ventilation. I also spent days on antenna alignment.

Check your hd. Not nitpicking. Just trying eliminate possible failure points. Also, are all antenna connections good?