Tablo Freezing for Long Periods

In the last couple of months my Tablo has taken to freezing for long periods of time. Say 30 seconds to a minute. It doesn’t appear to be dropouts in the OTA signal. When it freezes it always restarts without interruption from exactly where it stopped.

Either something has happened to my local network (I haven’t changed anything) or maybe a firmware update has broken this thing.

FYI - I’m using the Tablo with a 4th generation Apple TV.

Any ideas or advice?

This is what happened to me recently. It continued to get worse until finally I began getting “Playback Error - Your Tuner has been reassigned or your device has temporarily lost connection with your Tablo”.

The problem was my hard drive had gone bad. This is the second HD that has gone bad for me in 6 months time. Both were brand new HD’s only used with Tablo. I’m not exactly happy that my Tablo seems to be corrupting HD’s, but I’m hoping that Tablo support will look into this & replace my Tablo if it persists. I have already dropped approximately $180 on HD’s now.

I suggest you go to Best Buy (or somewhere) & get a new HD & see if that fixes your problem. If it doesn’t you can return the HD.

This is happening on live programming, but I suppose that Tablo could be constantly buffering to the HD.

Will Tablo function without a HD? I almost never watch recorded programming with it anyway and if I removed the HD and it got better I’d have pinned it down.

It was happening to me on live TV as well. A bad HD will cause live TV issues due to the time shifting features I assume & possibly the transcoding.

@Dan_Cooper Won’t currently work without a hard drive; but that’ll be fixed in the next firmware update. If you like, you can send our support team a ticket. We can check out your Tablo’s logs on our end to see if anything looks off.

Thanks. Ticket has been submitted.

I am having the same issues it is freezing on live TV. What is the fix?

Is this on also on an Apple TV? We haven’t seen this issue since last year; send the details to our team and we can take a look.

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I have the same issue since this weekend with my Tablo when I use with my Apple TV and my IPhone. No solution actually but I will try with a new disk tomorrow. Actually I’m using a SanDisk SDCZ430-256G.

Aha. Flash drives are unsupported storage. You’ll likely have a better time once you’ve got that new drive installed.

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Thanks. I changed for a new Seagate disk last week and it’s running well now.

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