Tablo freezes after unused for a few days

I am having a problem where my Tablo does not respond after several days. I do go days without watching broadcast TV , and then when I try, my Roku app and Android app are not able to find it. I have been pulling the plug for 10 seconds and plugging it back in to bring it back alive. The Tablo restarts, but then there is no guide data. The settings show it was updated recently (in this case 9 hours ago), but when I go to Live TV, the guide tries to load and shows an empty grid. If I reload the guide using the Android app, the guide data updates and it works.

I have the Dual Lite OTA DVR. The Tablo is only a couple months old and this has happened repeatedly. Could this be an issue with the hard drive causing errors on a guide load or something?
Any suggestions?

@Code_Plotter We’d like to take a look. Can you send our support team a ticket?

Ticket submitted - thanks for taking a look!