Tablo for Raspberry Pi

Today I upgraded one of my Raspberry Pi’s to the latest OSMC 2019.04-1 running Kodi 18.2-RC1. The Tablo addon remains at 1.0.2. When I try to use the addon, it stalls after displaying the menu, with the circular “busy” icon to the right, but not rotating.

This addon has’t received updates when the Android app has. Is this addon still being maintained? It was the only reason I purchased a Tablo product.

Several people have asked for an update to the Kodi Tablo app in the past 4 months because of the problem you mention. No response yet…

Oops. I missed those. Thanks for your reply.

BTW I also use a Raspberry Pi as a media server for all my movies. I used the Tablo app on my Kodi box and it gave me the best PQ. Have been waiting for a Tablo Leia release for months.