Tablo for Kodi? (like the Tablo Plex Channel)

Hello, I moved over to Plex because of Tablo.  I find I still switch back to Kodi (formerly XBMC) sometimes for various reasons.

I would love it if someone did some coding for Kodi similar to Tablo for Plex.  Possible?  Am I dreaming?

What device are you using for Kodi?

I use a notebook attached to my LG TV for both Plex and Kodi.  I just toggle back and forth between both.

If you have a computer attached to your HDTV, why not just use the Tablo in the Chrome browser?

If you have a computer attached to your HDTV, why not just use the Tablo in the Chrome browser?

Because a Tablo channel exists for Plex.  If it existed in Kodi I would just use Kodi alone.

A while back TabloTV mentioned there were a few XBMC/Kodi users in their office so maybe we’ll see an add-on.   I too would like to see a Tablo add-on for Kodi.

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Yep - this is definitely on our list of stuff to do. Even talked about it with a guy at the booth at CES today. 

If we don’t get to it, it’ll be on our ‘wish list’ for other third-party apps when we make our API available. 
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@TabloTV - Any update on Tablo for Kodi ??
When will the API be made available ?

@lowbee - We’ll be talking API once we get through the current development sprint.

Dont mean to sound like a broken record here. But anything new being devoloped on this subject, 5 months later?

Nope - bigger fish to fry.

I cannot get the Tablo Plex plugin to play in Kodi. All others play perfectly but I get a “Plex server is not responding” for Tablo. What am I not doing correctly?

No idea, as I’m using the Tablo channel (not the beta) in my Plex setup and it works fine on my CuBox i4Pro running Kodi (Xbian) through the PleXBMC app. What type of device are you using Kodi on?

Nvidia Shield tv. Everything but the Tablo plays perfectly.

Why not just install the Tablo Android app and add it into Kodi instead of using the Plex app?

Does the Tablo Plex channel work if you access Plex from a web browser?

How do I add it to Kodi? Yes it works in the browser.

Follow this: if that doesn’t help, give me a day. Hacking a FireTV for a buddy tomorrow. I don’t have any to test on at the moment.

Thank you!!

That worked!! Excellent! Thanks so much :wink: