Tablo for Dummys Book

When is the book coming out?
This device is very unstable for a plug and play device. I am ok with trouble shooting a little but why should I have to search these pages for answers?

Installed a Wiengard amp as backup to my 4 leads so I can watch TV via standard antenna as a backup

Go Cowboys!

unstable? mine works great…

perhaps if you elaborated on some of the problems folks could provide some helpful suggestions as to why… and the Tablo support is great … if you are really having issues put in a support request and see if they can get to the root of the problem(s) you are having.


@TabloTV When is the help page that is on the FireTV beta going into the blog?

For example press play when selecting a show to watch from the live guide instead of OK to avoid having to hit OK twice.

Since install I have had to reset my router and the device twice, it works fine for a while then zap it loses contact with the router (Ethernet hookup). I had set the device up with a static IP as well configured the port forwarding.

I don’t mind a little trouble shooting, but from a marketing standpoint this device does not seem ready for prime time or the mass market yet. I shouldn’t have to fear upgrading to the new software release and then having to relearn all the new bugs and fixes that go along with the new software upgrade.

Your issue sounds like a networking problem, which may not be the Tablo. Have you set up a DHCP reservation on your router for your Tablo? When you do, the IP address your Tablo uses will never change which should help devices maintain connectivity.

Yes I did that after the first issue I had, it then did the same thing even with a static IP address.

Is your Tablo hard-wired Ethernet to your switch or router? That makes a big difference for some folks.

I don’t know what kind of routers people are using. But to be required to maintain client connectivity by using a static IP seems like a problem. My DHCP comes from the cheapo ISP router and it has not released and reassigned the addresses any of my LAN devices in over a year. No matter how many times I re-boot the devices.

Another question is how old is your router and when was the last time the firmware was updated?

It’s on my to-do list but I’ve been occupied with a few other things.

@alowrie200 Please feel free to send us a ticket if you haven’t already - or even let me know the ticket # and I’ll take a look at it right away :smile:

Lost connection again on all devices, Not sure if it is an issue with my unit, Works fine for a few days then bam, No Tablo found on network.

Almost every router has an admin utility that will list what devices are currently connected to the router, their IP address, and various other info. I would think that if the problem seems to happen ever few days it might be worth while writing down the current info about your tablo and what the router knows about the tablo when it’s not found.

I have it set with a static ip address, it works fine for a while and disconnects from network. I really think it is a problem with the device will give them a chance to replace other wise going to Tivo, As this DVR option is not ready for primetime after all these issues