Tablo Firmware

Does Tablo check for software/firmware updates nightly, or does it do this check only when being accessed with one of the available interfaces (in my case I use Chrome)?

@mbellaire - The Tablo unit checks frequently with our server for firmware updates. When you log in to an interface, the Tablo will let the interface know there’s a new firmware update available and will prompt you to download it.

Is a Roku box one of the interfaces that will let me know if a new firmware update is available?  If no, then it means that unless I connect to the Tablo via one of the interfaces (Chrome in my case) no firmware update would ever be applied.  Is that right?

Also, no firmware update will be applied unless the user OKs the download? - this is different behavior than I observed during the setup, where a firmware update was applied without any prompting (just an informational message).

@mbellaire - We’ll be releasing a new Roku load very soon that will give you a notification of a new Tablo firmware load. You will need to go into another client (web-based in your case) to apply the update.

In the interface you’ll have the option of applying the new firmware ASAP or at a later date. We always recommend that you keep your firmware as up-to-date as possible, but you may want to delay an hour or two until a recording is finished for example. 

Sounds good, thanks for keeping the improvements coming.

You’re welcome! We’ll be speeding up the pace once we get new hires on board for the iOS and Android positions we’re looking to fill.  

Make sure those new hires read Norman’s “Design of Everyday Things”.  One of my favorite books from grad school interface design class.  Keep up the good work so far!  And it’s great to get the communication on product status.

Thanks George - and thanks for the book tip!