Tablo exposure at tailgates

@tablotv just got an idea. What if you sponsored a football tailgating party but instead of people having a dish or antenna you have a large screen connected to a Roku 3 to watch the game. Maybe Roku cod get in on sponsor ing it too. Raff Klee e off some t as blow and Rokus and Wd disk.

Good Idea, lets have Tablo finish the Roku app first. I just saw a video of the Android TV/Fire TV app, its so nice.

We’ve talked about doing stuff like this with our buddies over at Antennas Direct. They have a wicked cool bus that they pull up to events where they set up a bunch of their antennas and they usually also have the Tablo we gave them.

Alas, we don’t really have the marketing budget to go hang out at football games at the moment. If we ever do though, I’m there!