Tablo Exporter - Export Tablo Recordings


great many thanks


No problem, thanks for beta testing :stuck_out_tongue:


Plex style filenames seem to be working now. didn’t really notice a speed increase though. wonder why it has to be so slow.


They slow it down based on the Load on the Tablo. So tonight as primetime hit my numbers started going up. I am sure they do it so it has no ill affect on recordings


Any further thoughts on improving the speed or are we stuck?


No, I am going to do some app side caching. But I need to find the time to do so. But it will get done


@Jestep Hey there! Did a clean install of windows again and went to put all this back in here and was going just fine with all the downloads and unzipping but when the Exporter opens and I double click on my Tablo nothing happens. Below is what I see. Any ideas?


Double click on the listed Tablo (second line)


Yes thanks Harry. What I’m showing is the result of double clicking.


Are you running the beta by chance?

If so use this version, I will warn you because of how Tablo now makes us get the data this version is much slower. I am working on caching but if this does not fix the issue please run it via command line java -jar TabloExport.jar -debug
and then post those results.



I am on the beta but I’ve been on beta for quite a while including when I did this the last time in Apr. I’ll try what you shared and let you know what I see. Thanks!


Ok, I think the latest beta thought they turned off the old way and I had not yet migrated because it was so slow


Went out and got the test and it freezes when opened:

And no idea about this command line stuff. I tried to use the command that worked for me way back when but no luck. I even made sure the new path was typed correctly EVERY attempt. Sorry again and I appreciate the help.


java -jar (the path to the jar file)/TabloExport.jar -debug

If the on windows flip the backslash to forward slash

java -jar (the path to the jar file)\TabloExport.jar -debug

(the path to the jar file) is the actual path to the jar file.

Does that help?


No I’m still missing something


ANd if you just do a dir of that same folder??


Not sure. Let’s go with I’m completely unfamiliar with what we’re doing here. What would I type and where would I type it?


hey now…just checked my Exporter window and it says I have 191 shows. Apparently the “Not Responding” was temporary.


Worked just great! Copied a 35 minute show on wifi in 10 minutes. Don’t remember it being that fast before. Now to figure out which jar file I used… Thanks man!


Oh yea, the newer way to pull the shows can take a REALLY long time, that is why I am working on a cache to make it faster.

My wife has about 400+ shows and it takes about 7+ minutes to load them all :frowning: