Tablo Exporter - Export Tablo Recordings


There are the smaller sizes, but they take a MUCH longer time to run


Will you be updating to support the latest firmware?


I want to, but I have been so busy have not had time to update. :confused:

Hopefully I will get to it before they release the latest.


Hey if you would like to give it a shot,

This is using the new API. Be fore warned. The new API is VERY slow in comparison to the older way.

I will be working on speeding things up so that I don’t have to pull all the data like they make me do now.

As an example,

It was taking 5-8 minutes to get all the data loaded for about 425 recordings.

For 16 recordings it too about 9 seconds.

And this can change drastically based on Tablo performance at the time. If you are watching shows and recording it slows way down.


awesome, will give it a try, thanks!


Its working but ya definitely slow. also it doesn’t seem to be getting the episode number anymore


It should be… Are you not seeing it at all?


Nope, column just says N/A. Gets the season though.


Ok, let me check that


Ok, should be fixed now, just re-download


roger, thanks!


Was wondering if the following features could be added:

o output all episodes to one directory instead of a per show director and sub directory.
o add season number to file name.


If you pick plex naming season number is included in the naming.

As for your fist request, that can cause issues if you have duplicate shows. I saw this happen in the past. But if enough people want that, I suppose I could add that as a feature :wink:


I picked plex and it adds the episode number but not the season number.


hmmm, I had it there before. Because that is the plex standard.

As an example:
Grey’s Anatomy - s01e03.mp4

I need to check the code for that.


Maybe I needed to restart or something cause the filename didn’t look like that at all. I’ll try again.


Nah, I think there is an issue


Ok uploaded a new version, should fix that issue. And I also am batching some web calls so that should help with some speed. But it all depends on load on the Tablo. Although I think it was a good idea for them to do that, I never like people controlling me :stuck_out_tongue:

#789 ?


Yes sir