Tablo Engine and more than 2 tuners

So the Tablo Engine has a 2-tuner adapter available. The Shield has limited USB ports. Can a pair of Tablo tuners be used via a USB hub shared on one of the Shield’s USB ports? And/or can the antenna and the HD share a port via a USB hub?

Can’t see myself “upgrading” to the Shield only to lose 2 tuners!

I guess the question is, can the shield support another 2 tuner (hauppauge) USB tuning device (requires another coax connect)? I don’t think they make a 4 tuner version of their usb stick (not seeing that on the horizon even).

The Shield as as “upgrade” all depends on what you need. It might not be an upgrade (there are pros and cons).

I guess the (primary) “pro” side would mostly be, you have a need for a Shield apart from Tablo, so you just want to leverage it.

Tuners can’t be ‘stacked’ at this time, but I’ve passed this feedback along to our team :slight_smile: