Tablo Duo LITE USB Drive format issue

Seagate USB Drive recognized but formatting appears to be in a loop. Have been using a Tablo DUO LITE for a few months with a USB flash drive. I didn’t read the part that says Flash drives are not supported. It worked most of the time, but there was some pixelation, etc. So then it stopped working “No storage available” message. So I took a Seagate “Backup+” 1TB drive I had and re-formatted it from Windows 10. Then I plugged it into the Tablo and pushed the reset button. It recognized it and prompted me to format it for Tablo. It started formatting an hours ago and is still showing the format in progress. Any ideas?

Try this.

Also suggest checking the Seagate site for any firmware updates available for the drive.

Try connecting the usb drive back to the PC and use disk manager to delete all partitions on the drive, then connect it to the Tablo without first creating partitions or formatting in Windows.

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Resolved. Thanks all. I just let the format run when I went to bed after about 3 hours. It must have finished during the night and appears to be working this morning. I guess I didn’t expect it to take hours.

There may be a bad spot on the drive that caused the format to take so long, keep an eye on it!