Tablo DUAL not choosing external drive when it boots

I’m trying to find out what the expected behavior of a Tablo DUAL should be when it boots up.

I have a WD Elements hard drive connected to my Tablo. When it boots, the drive listed in the Tablo settings is the internal drive. Therefore, that is the drive it records to. I know it sees my external drive because I can play recordings that are stored there. If I unplug the drive and plug it back in, the Tablo updates its settings and starts using my external drive as the recording device. Everything works fine until the Tablo reboots. Then it goes back to using the internal drive.

Do other users have this issue or does your Tablo DUAL automatically choose your external drive when it boots?

It should stay on your external drive on the USB port. Did you use the Tablo to format the USB drive?

Yes, the Tablo formatted my drive. Do you have a Tablo DUAL as well?

Send our support team a note - we can take a look from our end and get things patched up.