Tablo dual lite wired to router can not be found

I have had no problems with my tablo dual lite until recently. It now disappears from my network. I have to power off and on to get it to work. The unit is hardwired to the router and works fine for a few days. When at home I access it from xbox one, fire tv, my tablet and roku. But when it is disappears I can no longer find it on any and have to power reset.

I also use it alot remotely, which now I can not. When I get home I will do the power reset, but need to find a more permanent solution. Hopefully not buying another one.

What is the LED doing at the time it is unreachable? On or Blinking?
Did you verify the cable and network port try swapping both with a known good cable and network port.

Other than that log a support call and let Tablo support look into it.

I use a smart switch and can reset the Tablo whenever I want.

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Contact Tablo and have them get in and check the logs to see what’s happening

Why oh why can’t we see our own logs?

here ya go:


tell you what. Those are some mighty fine logs! Yup, …might fine.

Technically, that’s log aggregation.

yup, technical logs alright …mighty fine technical logs

Just got home from trip and checked the network led’s the green is solid and yellow blinks… yet my xbox, ruko and fire stick do not see it… I unplugged the unit for 10 secs and the lights looks the same… Checked the Ruko and Fire stick both see and work now. I also checked the scheduled recordings and there were no new recordings… I suspect the unit is locking up, maybe from overheating… I noticed it does run hot. I will try support to see if they can help…

If it is a heat problem, I may need another unit. Since I use an external drive can it be moved to a new unit and still see current recordings?

Your best bet is to log a support case with tablotv support

By LED I meant the blue one in the front.

I turned the unit on it’s side and have a small fan blowing on it. So far no lockup. Open issue with support and put unit in access mode ( tap button fast 3 times and get 2 blinks and pause ). They tried once and unit had dropped out of access mode, so restart and check it to make sure it is still in Access state. But I have not heard from support as to whether they got in or not. If this is a temp issue the unit is supposed to shut down not lock up. So would like to know?
If I do ge another is the quad version have the heat issue?