Tablo Dual Lite - need steps, replacing hard drive

Need a clear list of steps to follow to replace the USB 2.0 hard drive. No need to save anything from the old drive. The “new” drive is from a Windows laptop.

Searched and didn’t find much. Can use a Linux CD with GParted to reformat the drive - am I understanding correctly that it needs to be a single EXT3 partition?

What else needs to be done and in what order to reset everything and not leave any old data? Reset or factory reset the Tablo? Uninstall/reinstall the Roku Tablo app? Power off/on the router? It just isn’t clear.


Don’t bother reformatting it, when the tablo recognizes it’s not “authorized” it’ll want to format it any ways.

I don’t thing using Roku is your best option (if at all). Best to us wab app via Chrome on a PC at Power off the tablo, wait a bit, power it up, plug in the drive, and you should find a FORMAT option.

What you describe may work for a brand new unused drive, but did not work in this scenario of a used Windows drive being used to replace an existing Tablo drive.

The problem is described here:

“if one wants to delete just everything it is not enough to just format disk drive, because videos would be cleaned but metainformation is stored elsewhere, so one ends up with a lot of dead links without videos. So properly purging all videos requires not only formatting disk drive but factory reset of device as well.”

In other words, removing a failed USB hard drive will leave behind the metadata associated with it, which apparently requires a factory reset of the Tablo to get rid of, prior to attaching a new drive.

The guide data is stored on the tablo it’s self - yes. You asked about formatting a drive.

There are post about transfer your recordings to your new drive, if your old one is functional.

Supposedly the overnight guide update has a mythical maintenance cleaning. Three should still be a delete option, it not only deletes from the drive but from the DB as well.

Factory reset will needlessly clear out your scheduling, channels and the article “How to Factory Reset your Tablo DUAL 64GB or DUAL LITE” says nothing about using for a drive swap:


A factory reset should not be attempted as a troubleshooting step and should only be done as a last resort by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Before attempting a factory reset, we recommend trying some of the more basic troubleshooting steps found in this article of the Tablo Knowledge base.

If you want to follow a FOUR YEAR OLD article from reddit never mind

I asked about more than just reformatting the drive.

I mentioned that I had searched and not found very much. Yes, that post is old, but if the method Tablo uses to store information hasn’t changed, then it’s still valid. At least it addressed my concern about what else needs to be done, which your reply did not.

Why are you talking about guide data? or transferring recordings? This has nothing to do with the request as stated.

Why would you NOT do a factory reset in this situation? There were no recordings or schedules to save, the old drive failed, we’re not troubleshooting, we’re replacing a drive. Waiting overnight in this scenario makes no sense.

I article you reference is written for a wide user audience (“dumbed down”) by support staff that doesn’t want their troubleshooting logs erased by users. That’s fine. But there are some advanced users who will be replacing their drives like this. The steps to follow in this case should be available.

Yea, us advanced users don’t have to ask…

I figured some things out. If you find that dumbed down… that’s why you’re asking why not factory reset. You don’t have any shows scheduled to record, an oversight - you have initial setup.

EXT3 is an old filesystem replaced with EXT4 years ago. You can format it, when tablo doesn’t recongnize it as “authorized” it will want to format it, no matter which filesystem you put on it.

As an advanced user… you got this :exclamation: :exploding_head: