Tablo Dual Lite fails contantly

I had TIVO and bought Tablo dual lite to replace it. I have had the device for about 8 weeks. Have had nothing but problems. I have 2 Roku’s, Android Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, and Android smart TV. According to Tablo all of these devices are compatible with surround sound. I have my box connected to Western Digital 1TB hard drive and some recordings get sound…some don’t. Some live TV channels get sound, some don’t.
The Tablo disconnects while recording a reconnects, So I end up with 2 recordings. 5 min of a show and then the remaining 55 min. The 2.2.23 Firmware crashed my Tablo all the time. Every time I upgraded the firmware, I was forced to go back the the 2.2.22 version to get it to work again. Finally they came out 2.2.24 and and at least it is working some of the time. All of my devices disconnect from Tablo intermittently. I have had on and off tech support from Tablo techs. In general support is bad. I have to take off time from work to get support. The hours are M-F 7-5:30 PM. Not very good for most customers that work a 9-5. I never have these problems with my OTA TIVO connected to same antenna with 2 tivo mini’s on a mocha network. I just wanted to convenience of not switching HDMI ports on my TV’s to watch TIVO. I told the tech to let the boss know what was going on and that never happens. Basically I have brick. Maybe dual lite is a problem child. was never offered a replacement or an kind of solid fix. Unless we can get resolution I cant recommend Tablo as a solid cord cutting solution.
Thanks for listening.

I got my tablo back in Oct. It worked great for several weeks. Then it keep rebooting, recordings broke into several instances, just a pita. Support said it looks like my HD was going bad. It tested ok, still I connected a different one. Same issues. I had copied files between drives with out issue, then ‘exported’ shows from the drive using ffmpeg while connected to the tablo, still no issues.
Eventually I factory reset the tablo and connected to original HD, haven’t had any issues for over a month. Although I felt the tech support was generic, generally they don’t appear useless for most.

What method do you use to downgrade your firmware?

Tablo Support - Matthew (Tablo)

Nov 20, 4:41 PM EST

Hi there,

Could you try the following steps?

-Connect your Tablo to your router with an ethernet cable
-Disconnect the power supply from your Tablo
-Hold down the reset button
-With the reset button held down re-connect the power supply
-Let go of the reset button as soon as the Tablo’s LED starts to flash

Let me know if you are able to get your Tablo to boot up and show a solid LED.


Tablo Support
Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET

see my answer below

I’m sorry to hear that you’re continuing to have issues with your Tablo Dual Lite. We haven’t heard from you in a little while; the last we heard, everything was up and running.

I’ve just checked in on your Tablo on our end, and it’s reporting a high number of reception errors. If the reception gets poor enough, the Tablo can/will reboot as a result, and you’ll have connectivity issues and failed recordings.

The best way to solve this type of issue is to improve your antenna’s reception - some users are seeing frequent changes to their reception since the OTA channel repack. This may be related.

We’re more than happy to take another look at your unit to make sure that everything is working normally. We can even arrange for a remote access session to your Tablo, so that you don’t have to take time off work to coordinate with us :slight_smile: feel free to PM me for details.