Tablo Dual Lite Connection Issues

I am very new to Tablo. I have searched the community and have not yet found an adequate solution to this issue. I have a new Tablo Dual Lite with a WD Elements HD attached running 2.2.24.

The Tablo is located about 15-18 linear feet from a Unifi AC Pro access point. I am running DHCP. The Tablo is always assigned IP .46 but this is not assigned. Multiple times a day it falls off the network and does not reattach without a reboot or power cycle. It does occasionally connect to a Unifi UAP but I don’t think which AP it connects to should matter. The network typically has 24-30 clients attached and the Tablo is the only device with this issue.

I need to figure this out before my 15 day return window closes with Best Buy. Any help or direction is appreciated.

I am also new to Tablo. I had similar issues to what you have described. My solution was a powerline adapter. Since connecting my Tablo to a powerline adapter, I have had “0” connection issues.
btw: Hardwiring to my modem/router wasn’t an option for me.

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Thank you for the response rodwed. I appreciate your insight but I’m not sure further investment is a great option for me. I essentially have a commercial grade network in my home and would think the Tablo should simply “work.”

This being said, if I do try your route, do you know if the powerline adapters need to be on the same circuit in the home? The old ones did but I’ve never researched this option since moving to a wireless option with multiple access points. Thanks again!

They can be on different circuits as long as on the same electrical panel / box. See thread below.

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Also if you’re not using the coaxial cable in your house, you can also use that to hard wire your Tablo to the router by using DECA adapters. They are cheap and work well, not a big investment. See thread below.

More on power line Ethernet adapters from Tablo.

I agree the WiFi should just work but your other option is to return the DUAL LITE wait for the new Tablo QUAD which has updated wifi with Wireless AC. That might work better in your wireless setup.

Is there an ETA on that product? I just cancelled my cable and cannot get antenna to my primary TV without the help of Tablo!

Actually, the Tablo comparison chart shows that the Dual Lite that I have has AC. It appears the 2 extra tuners and internal SATA is the only real difference.

April 2019.

And my mistake, hard to keep track of all the models.

I’ve had 21 hours of up-time on the network since placing the Tablo on its side. Or more specifically at a 45 degree angle between the shelf and the wall behind it.) It is not at all in a warm place but having read other threads, I gave it a try. So far, it is a simple, albeit odd solution.

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I think I may just throw one of these on top of it. Hopefully it won’t interrupt the WiFi connectivity.