Tablo Dual 128GB Wifi Question

If the tablo Dual 128 GB is setup with the WIFI option, am I correct that my router is receiving a WIFI signal from the tablo on the Tablo_xxxx network and simultaneously broadcasting it on My_Home_Network?


No, once setup the Tablo is connecting to your router’s WiFi network, just like how your phone or computer connects via WiFi to your router. Then your playback device, for example a Roku connects to the Tablo through your router. This is why the playback device needs to be connected to your router.

The Tablo_XXXX WiFi network is only broadcasted by the Tablo for initial setup purposes, once it is setup the Tablo_XXXX WiFi network is disabled.


Think of the Tablo_XXXX network as a magic door to your router. It appears during setup, you give the password to your router to the Tablo. The Tablo goes through the ‘magic door’ with the password and then the door disappears.

Thank you for the reply. That clears things up for me a lot. :slightly_smiling_face: