Tablo Droid release?

Forgive me if this has been covered already but only thing i’ve found is “Q2” for the release. Has there been any more info on ETA in Q2? only reason i ask is we currently are Tivo customers and up for renewal in about 2 weeks so i think we are going the Tablo route but just have to decide if i’m going w/ Tablo 2 to pair with my Fire TV and deal w/ the Live TV slowness or if Droid will release soon I could upgrade to a Shield and go that route. i’m guessing there wont be any specifics and smarter to just go with the Fire/Tablo 2 route for now

Hi @andygresbach - Glad to hear you’re looking into Tablo!

Things with DROID are coming along nicely. We’ll be starting field trials shortly and still plan to release it to the public before the end of Q2.

Hoping to provide everyone with a pre-release sneak peek soon so keep your eyes peeled!

ok thanks for the update! so probably not before the end of May for sure though, right? (may 22nd is when our tivo contract expires so need to make a decision.)

also are you able to share how far down the line you might open droid up to anything other than Shield? i love that idea of working w/ it but we are not gamers so thats a big more pricey and probably more hardware than we need

There’s a few different things that can affect timelines at this point so I can’t give you a 100% date at the moment. Sorry!

This is something we’re looking at really closely. As planned we’re launching with the Shield but we’re definitely game to expand to other devices where technology permits.

ok thanks for the info! if we go w/ the tablo 2 right now theres probably no real way to transition or move to the Droid setup w/out just buying all new equipment (we currently use a fire tv which i know wont work w/ droid), right?

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Correct - the Tablo DROID software DVR will not work with the OG Tablo units (current dual tuner and quad tuner models).

So is the two tuner setup (vs. four) a limitation of the USB connection? If not, I can’t see why a four tuner stick/software would sell better.

And since it’s been 10 days, any news on progress? :wink:

@VegasSteve It’s quite difficult to fit the gear for a 4 tuner into a stick form factor. As far as I know such a thing doesn’t exist but we have architected the software so that it could be possible in the future to support more than 2 tuners.

Most beta testers should be receiving their tuner dongles and loading the app over the weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update. Provided it goes well, it looks like the route I would take with Tablo.

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I already have a 2017 Shield TV, external My Passport HDD and a Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD dual TV tuner. I’m willing and able to beta test that setup if you can give me a sofware download/sideload.