Tablo doesn't schedule recordings or show future episodes

Not sure if my recordings database is corrupted but I would be fine with starting over if needed. How do I get my 4-tuner Tablo to see future episodes? For example, I see The Blacklist in the Guide and show all new episodes scheduled to be recorded but there are no future episodes listed. This is the same for all shows. All of my old recordings are also gone. I use a Roku3 to access the Tablo. If I need to delete the database or reformat the drive I am willing to start over - but I don’t find anywhere to reformat or delete the database. Help!

Can you try accessing the Tablo from a phone or tablet and see what shows up?

@Drblair Definitely sounds like something is going on. If you an give our support team a shout, we should be able to figure this out quickly.

Logged in from my phone and am able to see and play the recordings I had last year. Still cannot see any episodes that are scheduled to be recorded.

@TabloSupport. Fyi - I opened a ticket with Tablo Support last night…