Tablo disconnections multiple time per show

Ever since upgrading to the new firmware tablo disconnects from my Apple TV multiple times during a show. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching live TV or if you’re watching a recording. It’s been going on for weeks. The Apple TV is on the newest OS as well as the Tablo is on the newest OS. The app is also the newest. We rebooted the Tablo and we’ve rebooted the Apple TVs (yes it’s multiple Apple TVs). Once it disconnects the app can’t find the Tablo after multiple rescans and you have to cancel. Then it comes to the main screen and you have to rescan. A lot of times that doesn’t work you have to kill the app. And then it will reconnect. Only to have a disconnect five minutes later

I’m also having disconnects on the iOS app. At this point tablo is totally unusable. I had a stable installation before this for many years. When is the next for work update coming? Is there a fix for this?

Oh, and no it isn’t my WiFi connection. It is very stable and has over an 80mb through put. I streem Hulu and directv now all day long without a hick up.

Please fix before my wife disown me. She watches Tablo way more than me.

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I am having the same problem. I have been using Tablo for a few months and initially it was very stable, but now it disconnects several times per show. Sometimes it reconnects right away and sometimes you have to wait 5 minutes before it can find the Tablo server again.
My set up: tablo connected via ethernet cable to router. I watch on a Roku box.

Have tried switching to wifi and same problem. Have switched tablo to sit vertically and added a fan to reduce chance of overheating.

Note my network is extremely stable and I am able to enjoy other content (ex. plex, youtube, etc.) through same network and roku box with no disconnects, ever.

This started showing up on some of my Roku"s after a recent OS upgrade. Reboot the Roku and see if it immediately starts to find tablo.

I have multiple tablos and they all disappear and magically reappear after the reboot.

I have rebooted the Apple TV and Tablo multiple times. That’s usually step 1 :). I do believe there is an issue in the new firmware. I hope they look at it soon. I tried to watch the recorded news last night. After disconnecting, and it starting back at the beginning 7 times, I just gave up. I’ve had this setup for 3+ years and have never had issues like this. Frustrating…

When my Roku 3 has the problem, you see the reconnecting message in the upper left hand of the app. Then the tablo missing screen appears were all the tablos are not found.

The Tablo is not rebooting and even the fire tv stick on the same tv and same 5g wifi finds all the tablos. Rebooting the Ruko clears the problem.

At least the tablo knows it’s current position in the episode it was watching.

That’s better then the preview app on the fire tv stick. This app can cause a gray player failed error screen. The retry option rarely if ever works. And if you exit the app and use the same or a different media player such as Roku, the only option is to play the episode from the beginning - no resume.