Tablo disconnect with Apple Tv

My Tablo is disconnecting from the Apple TV at least 3-4 times a day. Hard wire connected with no other disconnection from the other device (Android and Windows). The only solution is to reboot the Apple Tv.
Does anybody else experienced this kind of problem recently? We tend to think that the disconnection is linked to the pause while watching a recorded item.

How long do you leave the recording paused?

Less than a minute, most of the time…

happened to me for the first time yesterday, are you on the beta too?

It disconnected from the app only, my Tablo was still alive when I tried to connect to it on my iPhone right after. It did cut my recording in half though

I haven’t had disconnect issues, but I HAVE had issues with freezing in Apple TV… reboot of the Apple TV fixes, guessing it’s a memory leak in the Apple TV app or something similar… Not beta user.

Sounds like App needs bug fix… But to make sure that it’s not your Tablo, Use other playback devices to rule it out… then call support…

Do you have a hard drive attached? Is this with the 4th Gen Apple TV, or via Airplay?

Yes a hard drive is connected. Using the Apple Tv last gen (btw via Airplay is stable).

But now you can close the ticket.
I found the problem.
I was using TP-Link AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter to get an ethernet direct connection. But found the connection was unstable threw this link; switch directly to the wifi and the tablo connection return stable.


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