Tablo disconnect then after re-conecting had to go though set up and lost all recording

This weekend I lost connection to my tablo and when I finally connected I had to go though the set up wizard again and all my recording were missing.  When I looked at the HD space it showed all available.  Any suggest as to what may have happen so I can prevent this from occurring again and is there a way to get back my recordings?

Additional information I had to press the reset button before I could connect. 

@Rugged - Did you hold the reset button down for an extended period of time? If so, you may have accidentally factory reset vs. soft reset your Tablo which could cause a loss of your recordings. 

A soft reset is just a quick tap & release. 

That is probably what I did.  I tried power cycling it and anything else I could think of before the reset.  I am assuming since it went to factor reset all data is lost?

Also any insight as to why I lost connection?  I had no internal internet issue as I was online at a different site with this occurred.