Tablo didn't record

Any reason why a show wouldn’t record, if I have it set to record all new episodes? There wasn’t an indication of a failed recording, and every other show I had set to record from the same night successfully recorded. Unfortunately it was the season finale of a CBS program, so I’m order to see it, I either have to wait for it to come around over the air again, or subscribe to the Paramount streaming service. Was it possible that the Tablo guide had it incorrectly listed as a repeat, or something like that?

I know…#firstworldproblems

Since you didn’t say what show it was or what station it was broadcast by, I don’t think anyone in your area(?) will chime in.

You can watch almost all of the CBS content online via a web browser on devices about 24-48 hours after it is broadcast. When the Sunday night programs get kicked back in time due to football, that is what I do. No subscription required.

Watch it at free for the last 5 shows I believe. The guide company did not flag the episode as new. Watched it free with commercials With no problem

What did I miss. I probably need to find out before my spouse does.

I know I can’t eliminate the data mining, but I like to limit it… With no problem :(.

If I had a true high-speed internet and consistent reliability I’d likely accept some privacy loss, stream more and bother less with an antenna and tablo.

note: with tablo, I can pass over commercials. For me,“free with commercials” is miserable. I’m will to pay a subscription fee for for my time back.

As for the problem -


One of several possibilities.

Thanks. I downloaded the Paramount streaming app free for 7 days. It’s all good now.

The show was Mom. I know… ridiculous, but I’ve seen the show this far, I had to finish it out!

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