Tablo Customer Survey - March 2018

Hi folks -

Just a reminder to participate in the latest Tablo customer survey!

Check your email inbox for a link.

While we monitor the community regularly for feedback and feature suggestions, it’s always helpful for us to get feedback via the surveys.

Information gathered in this way is a lot easier to quantify, sort, and organize so we very much appreciate your help!

(Plus, if you reply before Wednesday of next week you have the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!)


Just a reminder that today’s the last day you can win a chance at a $50 Amazon gift certificate!

We really do appreciate your feedback!

I never recieved the survey e-mail. :frowning:

Well, they don’t appreciate your feedback :smiley:

If you opted out of emails from us at any point you wouldn’t have gotten it…

Or maybe it’s in your spam folder.

We actually do. We just don’t post the URL publicly because we want to make sure that the people who are replying are actual, legitimate, active, Tablo users.

And since I know @Radojevic is an actual legitimate and active user, I’ll DM you the link.

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