Tablo connects through Roku but not through computer using wed based app - RESOLVED

So I had ATT Uverse for internet and switched to Google Fiber, which meant getting a new router/modem. I have a Roku 3 hard wired to one of the port on the back of the ATT Uverse router/modem and I could connect using Roku or my computer web based app no problem. After getting Google Fiber installed I connected all my devices back to the Google Fiber router/modem just as they were with the ATT box. I started having connection issues between my Tablo and Roku, but could always connect through the web-based app. I rebooted every single thing I had and still connection issues. I decided to move the ethernet cable from the back of the Google Fiber router/modem to my switch and now I have a great connection between the Roku and Tablo, it even fixed an issue I was having with Tablo using Roku where every time I started the Tablo app it would say it could not connect to the previous device and then it would search again to find the Tablo. It was annoying, but I put up with it. So now with the Tablo connected into the switch, I can get Tablo through the Roku, but it cannot connect using the web-based app, says it cannot connect.

Any ideas???

Thanks for taking the tine to red my issue.

Are you using cat-5, CAT-5E, cat-6, or cat-7 cable? I’d suggest using only cat-7 since you have Google Fiber. You could try wifi if you get a TP Link Archer C7 or C9 router.

I do not think cat5 vs cat7 are the issue. What I recommend is connect everything to the switch directly, and the switch to the Google Fiber router/modem.

I have seen other network tuners have issues hooked directly to routers due to “protection” routines (mostly “anti-flood” and “anti-DDoS” routines). By connecting directly to the switch the majority of your in-network traffic stays untouched.

MODEM<—>SWITCH<==>Everything Else

You may need to go here: Google Fiber Configure non-Fiber Devices

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I’ve never seen a google router. I assume it looks like my cable modem. I buy stand alone cable modem and stand alone router. I connect the router to the cable modem, and currently running everything wireless.

Maybe the google speed is to fast for the device? Try getting a router from Best Buy and using it. If it solves the problem, keep it. If not, return it.

The "Google Fiber Network Box (GFRG110 or GFRG100) " has some non-standard setup compared to a regular cable modem/ router. I came across this juicy bit of information:

Here’s the gory details if you really want to use your own router:

  1. Traffic in/out of the fiberjack is vlan tagged with vlan2.
  2. DHCP traffic should have 802.1p bit = 2
  3. IGMP traffic should have 802.1p bit = 6
  4. All other internet traffic 802.1p bit = 3

You can send data without the 802.1p bits but your performance will get throttled to something like 10Mbit.

The whole 802.1p thing is something that consumer grade equipment has limited or no support for.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, but Kartajan, you were correct. Although I did not have to move every wired device to the switch, I did move my ethernet cable for my computer from the modem/router to the switch and now works great. Thanks, Kartajan!

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