Tablo Connectproblem

Trying to setup tablo connect using google home app and google nest router. I have had various techs. With google, macafee, isp provider and tablo to no avail. Is it possible my tablo dvr is stuck on wpa instead of wpa2. We have turned off upnp and used port management in setting it up. Is it because the google nest router is incompatible with tablo connect. If any one has had rhis problem how did you solve it. Thanks, tomb1

Sorry I can’t help you but I’ve had nothing but problems with tablo connect. At this point I don’t believe it’s a feature but a hinderance.

I’ve since switched to another router but I used a Google WiFi with my Tablo with no issues at all, but in my case the Tablo was wired via a switch to the router. All it took in that case was to set up a couple of port forwards…

(Port forwarding or port opening - Google Nest Help)