Tablo connectivity

I recently downloaded Tablo Tools and have used them successfully on my Windows 10 PC. As of this morning I am not able to access. The Tablo Tools dashboard shows a red dot next to the name of the device. I have installed Tablo Tools on another computer on the same network and it runs fine. What could be preventing access to my Tablo device?

What version of TabloTools are you using? I think the current version is v0.3.12.

If you can’t figure it out there is a logging capability under the gear icon.

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I had the same thing happen a month or so ago. I’m using an older version of Tablo Tools…3.9. On my version I have a Rediscover “button” on the homepage. IIRC hitting that solved the problem. I may have rebooted my router and also the Tablo box (reset button in back). Sorry I can’t be more precise…hope this helps.

Never heard of Tablo tools. What is it? Where do you install it? On Roku, Tablo, or??? I doubt if it is on a computer as that device would have nothing to do with Tablo.