Tablo Connect (Thermal Issue?)

Anybody have issues with the Tablo Dual-Lite working for a while after power up then quits working?

I think there is a thermal issue.


What does quits working mean? Any and all tablo apps won’t connect? The LED light goes off? Tablo unit won’t make any new recordings? Tablo unit won’t play any recordings.

And what leads you to think it’s a thermal issue? It’s the middle of winter and most houses aren’t warmed to over 70 degrees.

Could be the disk, ethernet, or ???.

Why not open a ticket and have support look at it.

Me too. I have purchased a small muffin fan (designed for cooling media center equipment) and mounted it on top of my Tablo. So far, so good. I thought it might interfere with the wifi signal, at first, due to the electric field of the fan motor, but I have seen no such affect. I run it on low speed and it keeps the unit very cool to the touch (not very scientific, I know). I wish the Settings screen would give us a temperature reading.

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