Tablo connect settings don't seem to hold

I have set up my Tablo (including port forwarding), and successfully accessed it remotely in the past. Nothing has changed as far as my network/home router since that time. I have been unable to access it recently, so from within my network, I checked my settings page, and it said I needed to set up port forwarding on the ports that have already been forwarded. I check the router, all the ports are still forwarded correctly. On a whim, I uncheck and recheck “Tablo connect” everything starts working again, until 2 days later, right back to the same issue. I’ve been through this cycle 3 times. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it to stay working? I’m about to be out of town for 2 weeks, and really want to be able to catch up on my shows remotely. 

Is your Tablo using a static address? If not, I would set that up.

My Tablo Connect settings have been steady for a few months now.

I’ve noticed on occasion that the remote stream quality resets back to 1mbs. All the port forwarding info remains in tact tho. I just assumed it happened whenever  browser cache/cookies/privacy gets deleted on whichever device i’m accessing from.

@uncw05 I’d agree with @Snowcat (as usual) and suggest a static IP for your Tablo.